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Making Quilts


The guild asks that each member make at least one comfort quilt a year. The guild furnishes fabric and batting for this purpose. You can either turn in a completed quilt, or turn in a quilt top and back to be quilted by other guild members. Or, if you wish, use your own fabric.


Comfort Quilt Sizes - 40" X 48"

We recommend this size as it is the best use of backing fabric and batting. A 40" wide top will fit the 42"-44" WOF backing fabric without the need for piecing.

Basic Instructions:

    - Seams are to be 1/4"

    - Press seams to one side

    - Tops should be squared and pressed

    - Assemble your quilt sandwich by laying the backing, batting and top.

       Pin or spray baste layers together.

    - Quilt as desired. Our batting recommends a quilting distance of 4", top to bottom

       and side to side.

    - Apply binding after quilting.

    - Apply label (Guild provided).

    - Trim all loose threads and remove all basting pins.

**The Guild is always looking for large pieces of fabric that can be used for backing and will gratefully accept all donations.

Contact us by clicking here.

Thank you!

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