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About the Cape Coral Quilters' Guild

The Guild was founded in 1994 by a small group of ladies who wanted to share their love of quilting. The Guild has grown to over 100 members who meet every week to provide comfort in the form of hand made quilts to those in need in the city of Cape Coral, Florida. The quilts bring warmth on a chilly night to someone who has lost their home, smiles to a child at Christmas, love to a patient in the ICU unit in the hospital, peace to a veteran who looks at the red, white, and blue colors of his/her valor quilt and remembers a job well done, and joy to the parents of the first baby boy and girl born at Cape Coral Hospital.

Guild members have donated their time and skill to create beautiful quilts to give away to organizations in Cape Coral. During the last thirteen years, the guild has presented over

7,740 quilts to various nursing homes, the Cape Coral Police Department, the Cape Coral Fire Department, Hope Hospice and Cape Coral Hospital, along with many other organizations.

Membership and Guest...


Membership is open to any person, regardless of race, color, creed, sex or national origin, upon registration and payment of dues. Annual dues are forty dollars ($40.00) for the year beginning January 1st through December 31st. 

Guest are welcome to attend two (2) meetings at no cost, but must join the Guild if they wish to attend future meetings. Out of town guest visiting with a member may continue to attend guild meetings for a fee of $5.00 per visit.

Our Executive Board..


President: Sue Burczyk

Past President: Debbie McClellan

1st Vice President: Barb Caldwell

2nd Vice President: Doreen VanHaynegan

Secretary: Anna Leonhardt

Treasurer: Sherri Podley

Membership Chairs: Judi Dugre & Melinda Jablonski

Education Chair: Debbie McClellan

Newsletter: Donna Bardon

Website Manager: Claudia Keen

Facebook Managers: Charlotte Osbourne & Melinda Jablonski

Our Facilities...


The Guild would like to publicly thank Epiphany Episcopal Church and the First Congregational Community Church of Cape Coral for providing their facilities to our guild.

Education Opportunities...

The Guild is so fortunate to have gifted members who can teach classes and new techniques to our members. Classes may be a new quilt/block, quilt pattern or technique members are anxious to learn.  Classes range from the beginner quilter just learning to quilt to the intermediate quilter who has been quilting for years.

At various times during the year, the Guild brings in outside teachers for classes. The classes give members new perspectives and interest to their quilts.

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