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Honor Quilts​

Our United States Armed Service Veterans are important to our country and our community. In appreciation for their service and sacrifice, every year our Guild makes Honor Quilts for five Veterans, one from each branch of the service (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corp and Navy). An embroidered label is made for each quilt noting pertinent information related to their years of service. 

These Honor Quilts are presented to the five deserving Veterans at the Blessing of the Quilts event each year.

Frequently asked questions


1. Who is eligible to receive one of these special quilts?

Any person who has served in a branch of the military and lives (full-time or part-time) in our community is eligible. In addition, they must be able to attend the Blessing of the Quilts event to receive the quilt. 


2. Can I nominate someone for consideration?

YES. Click here to nominate a deserving Veteran.


3. Am I required to provide their service-related information for the embroidered label?

Ideally, we would like the Veteran to complete the information to ensure accuracy. However, if they cannot and need assistance, of course their spouse, care-giver or friend can assist. If there are any questions, a committee member will contact the Veteran directly.


4. What patterns am I required to use?

You can use any appropriate pattern. However, we do have a selection of patterns for consideration. Click here to view the patterns.

5. Is fabric provided to make these quilts or am I responsible for purchasing it?

The guild has appropriate patriotic fabric and panels for this purpose. However, you can purchase some or all of the fabric if you prefer or use fabric you already have in your stash. 

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