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Our Committees

Below are all of our current committees along with their purpose and responsibilities.

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Guild Management


This committee is responsible for maintaining all membership records. The committee members greet guests visiting the Guild, make the necessary introductions, and will provide all pertinent information concerning the Guild.

For more information on becoming a Guild member, click here to Contact Us.

Guild members can purchase shirts with the Guild logo and the member's name. Polos and T-shirts come in various colors and sizes.

Don't want a shirt? Other logo options are available. Information is provided in the membership packet.


Within our membership, we have a vast pool of knowledge and expertise. The Guild hosts education classes for it's membership and interested individuals for new techniques, patterns and more. Periodically, the Guild will have a paid professional teach a class.

This committee is responsible for all classes presented to the Guild, and coordinates with the instructors to provide promotional material as needed.

Community Service

Community service is at the heart of our Guild. Our membership makes quilts using donated fabric and batting. Outside sources also donate these type of items to the Guild in support of our efforts. Members may use any of this fabric to make the comfort quilts.


The committee is responsible for the management of donated fabric, batting, and storage of the completed comfort quilts.

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Each month the Guild publishes a newsletter containing a message from the president, meeting minutes, treasurer's report, classes, activities, new members, and more. The newsletter is emailed to each member.


This committee is responsible for attaining the information from the President and all committees, and verifying the accuracy of the published information.


Our on-line website is public. It provides information about our Guild and all of our activities for the community, and provides a place for donor and potential members to contact us and ask questions.

Private pages within the website require a Guild membership.


This committee collects, develops and verifies all content published on the web site, and manages member access.


Because of the community involvement, the Guild periodically wants to inform the Public of activities and events we are hosting for them. We make these announcements via press releases to various multi-media outlets.


The committee is responsible for all public announcements, press releases, and publicity for the Guild. All committees must coordinate with this committee for their public event.

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Guild Community


This committee uplifts Guild members going through challenging situations and maintains their privacy as requested.

The Guild would like this person to know they are being thought of by sending a card or note to brighten their day.

If you are aware of a Guild member in need of sunshine,

click here


Our Facebook page is another way in which our members can share their projects, make comments, and ask questions of other members. It is private and membership is required.

This committee manages all aspects of this page including member access.

Memory Quilt

When a member dies, to honor this amazing woman's contributions to the Guild and their friendship, this committee makes a quilt in their honor and offers it to the deceased member's family. Sometimes the family decides to donate it back to the guild to donate to one of our charities at the Blessing of the Quilts event. Many quilt members contribute their time and skills to these special quilts.

This committee manages the commissioning of the quilt and contact with the family.

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