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Alternate Blocks Quilt Pattern​

Finished size: 40" X 51"

Below is the pattern for your convenience or Click here to print the Alternate Blocks Quilt pattern

Alternate Blocks Quilt

Quilt consists of (35) finished 6” blocks using 2 (or more, as desired) coordinating fabrics and 2 borders.

The finished quilt will have a checkerboard appearance.

Fabric requirements:

Blocks: Total of 40” WOF, usually 2 pieces, each 20”

Inner border: Minimum 10” WOF

Outer border: Minimum 18” WOF

Binding: Minimum 12 ½” WOF

Backing: Minimum 56 “ WOF (if using domestic machine)


Cutting Instructions:

Blocks: Fabrics A & B– cut 3 strips WOF X 6 ½” of each fabric. Cut each strip into 6 ½” squares (36 blocks).

Inner border: cut (5) 2” WOF strips

Outer border: cut (5) 3 ½” WOF strips

Binding: cut (5) 2 ½’ strips. Use 2 ¼” strips if desired.


Assemble Top:

1. Lay blocks out in rows of 5, alternating fabrics. You will have 7 rows, with one extra blocks. Match direction of fabric, if required.

2. Sew 5 blocks together, making a row. Press seams in one direction.

3. Repeat with remaining rows, alternating pressing direction, to ‘nest’ seams.

4. Sew 7 rows together, matching and nesting seams. Square the pieced top.

5. Measure top, cut inner border to fit length of sides, sew and press toward sides.

6. Measure width, cut top and bottom and attach. Press toward borders.

7. Repeat 5 & 6 for outer borders, measuring and sewing sides, then top and bottom. Piece using extra strip as needed.


Sandwich Quilt:

1. Remove and trim loose threads, square again if necessary.

2. Layer the backing, batting, and top and pin, glue, or baste together.

3. Quilt sandwich, starting from center, using whatever technique you desire.

4. Square again if needed. (Fabrics shift during quilting process.)

5. Sew binding strips together end-to-end, using diagonal method.

6. Fold in half, press and sew on, mitering each corner.

7. Add Label.


Congratulations!! You made a comfort quilt!

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