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Happy Tiers Quilt Pattern​

Finished size: 42" X 50"

Below is the pattern for your convenience or Click here to print the Happy Tiers Quilt pattern

Happy Tiers Quilt


Fabric Requirements:

Colored Strips: 16 strips minimum of 36“ X 2½”


Background and Borders:  20” X 2½” per block, 2 blocks per WOF strip. About 20 to 24“ for blocks, 8“ for sashing, plus borders if using….about 16”s. Approx 1yd for basic layout.

Cutting Instructions:


From each color strip, cut two 10 ½” pieces, one 7 ½” piece, one 5½” strip and one 2 ½” sq.


Cut eight 2 ½” background strips: divide each in half. From each half cut two 2”, two 3”, and two 4 ½” pieces as shown.

Cut 3 WOF X 2 ½” for sashes.

Once quilt is assembled, you will cut borders, below.










Block Assembly Diagram

Square up the block to 10 x 10”, press seams in one direction. Make 16 blocks.


Quilt Assembly for Basic Layout


1. Lay out and sew 4 blocks together. Repeat for 4 rows.

2. Sew background sashing strips to bottom of 3 rows.

3.Cut and piece background strips to make borders:

     2 – 2 ½” x 46 for sides of quilt center

     2 – 2 ½ ”x 44 for top and bottom

4. Add side borders first, then top and bottom.

5. Press all seams toward borders.

Optional Layouts:  See photos – some have no sashing or no borders, some use 20 blocks.

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