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Basic Scrappy Quilt Pattern​

Finished size: 40" X 48"

Below is the pattern for your convenience or Click here to print the Basic Scrappy Quilt pattern

Basic Scrappy Quilt

This easy quilt consists of (30) 8” finished blocks using any fabrics that

coordinate or are of the same theme. There are no borders on this quilt.

Fabric Requirements:

Blocks: Total of 60” WOF if using yardage….but any combination of smaller pieces at least 8-1/2" X 8-1/2" can be used to get the ‘scrappy’ effect.

Binding: Minimum of 12-1/2" WOF

Backing: Minimum 52” WOF

Cutting Instructions:

Blocks: Cut (30) 8-1/2” squares

Binding: Cut (5) 2-1/2“ strips ( smaller strips sewn together from scraps are also a good idea).

Assemble Top:

1. Arrange your (30) 8-1/2” blocks in 6 rows x 5 columns. (NOTE: Match direction of characters on fabric as needed.)

2. Sew the top 5 blocks together to form a row. Press seams toward one direction.

3. Repeat for the remaining rows. Alternate pressing the seams in opposite directions (you will then be able to “nest” the seams).

3. Sew the 6 rows together to form a pieced top.

4. Square the pieced top and remove all loose threads from the back side of the top.

5. Cut the backing and batting bigger than the pieced top. If you need to piece together fabrics for the backing, do that now. Press seams open.

6. Make the quilt sandwich by stacking the backing, batting, and the pieced top. Baste/pin as needed.

7. Quilt the sandwich using your best efforts and techniques.

8. Square the quilt as needed.

9. Prepare your binding and sew to the quilt, mitering corners.

10. Add Label to back of the quilt.


Congratulations! You have just completed a comfort quilt that will brighten someone’s life.

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